How To Communicate Effectively?

Communication is like a wheel of fortune that can turn the table around at any time.

You might have seen the advertisements stating “Crash course for effective communication.”

& there are 70% chances that you have clicked this advertisement and 40% chances that you have been into this crash course as well. Relatable, right?

But do you actually know what is effective communication?

Ever thought why effective communication has always been a hot topic amongst the population?

So, in this blog, you will be going to experience a journey that will surely give your communication skills a spark, to begin with. Brand Kro being the business partner for the agencies has come up with some major tips that can enlighten your path of communication in absolutely no time.

What Actually Effective Communication Means?

After hearing and witnessing the word effective communication so many times, you might be curious to know what actually it means.

Effective communication is not a heavy concept. It is just a level higher than exchanging information. It includes understanding the emotions and intentions behind the specific message.

Some of its elements are- clear and concise, empathy, persuasive, etc.

Why Effective Communication Is So Important?

Surely, the next question that will strike in your mind after knowing the meaning of effective communication will be

Why Having Effective Communication Has Become So Important?

Effective communication works as your left hand in achieving any kind of success. As it helps you to:

  • Boost your growth

  • Improves productivity

  • Reduces conflicts

  • Resolves problems

  • Builds and maintains the relationships

This is just a glimpse of what effective communication can do for you.

So, why don’t you try effective communication on your own?

However, to give you some more knowledge on effective communication, we have come up with some ways that will surely help you to communicate effectively in the long run.

Best 5 Ways To Communicate Effectively

  • Non-verbal communication

According to a study, nonverbal communication accounted for 55 percent of how an audience perceived a presenter.

This shows that it is not just your words that are expressing your thoughts, your physical cues are also taking equal part.

Thus, to communicate clearly and effectively, you need to work on your postures and personality. Avoid the postures like folding your hands and chewing etc. Instead, be confident about what you are speaking, maintain eye contact and move around the space.

  • Be Interactive

Interactive sessions are the most liked and favored sessions by the majority population. Regardless of being a good speaker focus on being both a good speaker as well as a good listener.

Let the audience indulge in any kind of discussion and encourage the people to speak up their thoughts and feelings about a certain topic.

To make your communication more appealing and effective, you can take the help of presentations and focus on brainstorming. (Caution- Only in the formal meetings, Do not think to try it with your friends.)

  • Modulate Your Tone

One word can have different meanings. It all depends on what kind of tone is used to express that word.

Like the word ‘Really.’ It can be used to show a mild doubt, surprise, concern, annoyance and much more depending on which tone you are using it with.

So, make sure your appropriate tone should get communicated to the other person or group. Using an inappropriate tone could lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings.

  • Be Humorous

Seriousness becomes boring after a certain time. Try something different by being humorous in between the communications.

Cracking friendly jokes never harmed anybody. It is the best way to light the mood.

Caution- You are not a standup comedian, so don’t overdo it.

  • Don’t mumble

Some people used to mumble in between the conversations. Don’t be like them as it can harm the quality of your message and can mislead by the other person.

Try to be clear with your words as much as you can. Also, control your speed while speaking as you are conversing with humans, not a robot.

Mumbling also shows a lack of confidence on your part.


“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” - James Humes

Are you ready to be the leader of your life story?

The above-mentioned ways have surely made you understand why effective communication is a big deal.

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