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How To Be Calm In Crisis?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind after reading the word ‘crisis?’

Of course, you will be getting hit with a bunch of negative words like issues, problems or something else. Right?

There is only a 0.1% chance that people have come up with a positive word at first glance.

Ever wondered why almost all of us fall in the negative category and not in the positive one?

It is because we have forced our mind to think so. That’s why it reacts negatively to the word ‘crisis.’

Thus, this creates a situation of panic all around. Even severe anxiety and stress attacks are the results of this mindset.

Therefore, now is the time to work on your mindset and prepare it to see good in every situation.

Wondering How?

Brand Kro has come up with astonishing and easy-to-go tips for you to remain calm in the CRISES situation.

Slow Down

Try not to react immediately in any situation. There are more chances that your reaction firebacks you or can worsen the situation. Instead, try to be patient and understand the situation properly first.

Ask yourself, Is this really going to matter a year from now?

Sometimes we react to those situations that are not worth our time and efforts. So, be aware of these kinds of situations.

Focus On Your Breathing

It is not always a good posture and a pleasing environment you need to meditate. You can perform it while walking or doing any other activity.

The only requirement is a focus and calm breathing.

This can be the mantra to your success. So keep it always with you.

In any tensed situation, take an exaggerated breathe- a deep inhale from your nostrils, hold your breath for 2 seconds and long exhale it from your mouth.

As you perform this activity, you will see that automatically you got calmed and relaxed.

Find Opportunities

At the time of crises, due to high anxiety and stress levels, we panic for no reason and couldn’t able to understand a simple thing that if one door closes another opens.

Also, don’t forget that opportunity is never big or small. It is your efforts, dedication and hard work that makes it big or small.

If not this, try to think of a person whom you admire. Now keep that person in your situation and imagine what he/she will do to cope up with this situation. You will get the answer on your own.

Limit The Intake Of Caffeine

During situations like these, people tend to rush to take the support of caffeine.

Surely you might get tempted to consume one cup of caffeine but it can harm you later. Caffeine may trigger to release the adrenaline, giving you power-pack energy and physical strength at first and slowly it will make you irritated and fatigue.

Therefore, instead of a caffeine shot, hydrate yourself with the mineral water.

Shape Your Perspective

Surely, you may get cloud up with the negative thoughts in the crisis situation but you are the one who can be your own sunshine.

Think bit by bit about the positive things that are still existing in your life. This will give you a sigh of relief.

Once you overcome the stress and get back into the positive mode than my dear, no one can stop you to be the game-changer.


“It is all about finding the calm in the chaos.”

So, with the above-mentioned tips, you can keep yourself far from panic and stress situations.

Just remember it is you who can break and make the game. The choice is yours!

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