Coronavirus- A Spiritual Calling

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

“The universe is strange, mystical and magical and so is the human experience.”

During this pandemic situation, side by side with the power of the human spirit is growing and spreading even more swiftly. Though dealing with the coronavirus is a medical and emotional challenge, yet it can take us straight to the spiritual journey without any efforts.

This virus has surely evolved as negative energy with a positive and powerful reminder for our humanity and spirituality.

Surely, the news of COVID-19 has spread great fear and anxiety among the population but slowly once it gets unfolded, it made the world clear that there is an urgent need to shut down for the foreseeable and bright future.

A Golden Chance For The World

Why do we always look for the negative side?

It is time to witness the positive side of this pandemic too.

Yes, you have read it right. The Positive Side of the pandemic.

Ever thought that the IT industry, airline industry, big banks, and even the railways will pause at the same time? This scenario was next to impossible, right?

Don’t you think it has happened for a reason? Maybe destiny wants something else from humans.

As we all sit with our families, we have stopped rushing behind our success and wealth, we are experiencing an absolute power-pack of some happy vibes with alive energy. The little forces people into a stage of reflection, of connection, or for some other passions.

Maybe it is our time, to step into some other world; the spiritual world.

Our Mind Is Powerful, So As Our Heart

Surely the negative vibes have overshadowed the positive vibes, but for a while.

This time shall pass too.

We all are having some positive energy within us and attracts the like vibes from the universe. It was not getting into any action because not all humans are aware about there SECRET POWER.

Making a move into the spiritual space will make you aware of all such powers that reside beneath your soul.

Having a fit body will surely make you the victor. But when it comes to defeating the life issues, it is the connection of your mind and soul that can help you to ace the battle.

COVID-19 is not a worry, bigger than your powers. It is the fear that creates biological effects and decreases our energetic and physical function of the mind, body and nervous system. Also, fear lowers the immune system to function optimally.

So, what you want to live with, the life-threatening fear or a calm and stout-hearted soul?

The choice is yours!

The Spiritual Calling- Make Way For Harmony & Good Vibes

“The sun’s corona is normally visible only during a total solar eclipse when it is seen as irregularly shaped pearly glow surrounding the darkened disk of the moon.”

Every personality comes with a frequency. Thus, our sages teach us that God is granting each of us a soul that has some unvanquished power. God is inviting us to be his partner in creating a world a better place to live in. Therefore, it is our time to show our purity and spread positivity around the globe.

The corona has given all of us a golden chance. This is the passing of the times, the death of the ego, and a beginning to a new life, new hopes and new energy.

Thus, this corona punch was badly needed for the cruel society. The light is visible and strong and can only be seen when it is surrounded by a darkened shadow.

So, are you willing to be a new you for a new world?

May the concern, the love, the humanity get pour out everywhere.

Let’s illuminate the inner strength together!

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