A Social Life Amidst The Social Distancing

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

“Divided by virus, united with social media.”

We all are living in a tech-oriented era, where nothing can stop us from getting connected with the rest of the world, not even this evil COVID-19.

Surely, not physically but virtually we all are standing tall with the world to every thick and thin.

Wondering how?

Easy! With Social Media.

According to a recent report by data intelligence shows that the average time spent time on Facebook and Instagram went up by good 62%. Where Tik-Tok has a 44% surge, LinkedIn a rise of 27%, and Twitter has got an inclined by 34%. (Isn’t it a great number?)

Though, we all know that the Novel Coronavirus has surely outspread like a curse in the world, but we shouldn’t forget that every calamity brings minor or major new opportunities along with the downfalls.

Similarly, this current crisis situation has bought a fortuitous rise in digital media like never before.

Many entrepreneurs have shut down the doors of their businesses, but if your hopes are still high and determination strong enough, connect with Brand Kro now and emerge yourself as a Business Champion.

We at Brand Kro believe that the show must go on, irrespective of Pandemic Or Emergency situations.

Thus, we are serving you with the best branding services and working for our clients day and night to make their dominant space in the digital world.

Give your business a digital face and make it the King of the virtual world with us.

Go-Social With Go-Digital

Not just in the eyes of extroverts, be present in the thoughts of introverts as well.

Don’t hustle over it! All you need to do is challenge yourself and operate as per the situation and time demands. However, during this pandemic or we can say, in the boom period of social media, go-social with your business.

How Going Social Can Benefit Businesses?

Elevates The Social Advertising

Social media advertising is the new kid in the digital-era that is growing faster than your thoughts. In very little time, social media advertising has helped many businesses attain their dream place.

Surely, you will be having one such dream position/place for your business. Right?

So, what are you waiting for? Join the list of Brand Kro happy clients now.

Boost Brand Awareness

Making your brand awareness not a cup of tea for all the businesses. At Brand Kro, we excel in this quality and have turned many start-ups into big businesses through their brand awareness.

However, there are businesses who dismiss this way and are leaves an open ground for their competitors. If you want to ace this competitive race, believe your brand and connect with us now.

Improved SEO

Search engine optimization i.e. SEO has a great connection with social media.

Are you aware of them? If not, read below.

Importance of SEO in Social Media Marketing

  • Higher chance to be visible in the web search (Yes! We are talking about Google.)

  • Mass reach with the social media search.

  • High conversion rates


“Losing your business credibility is hard but gaining it back is harder.”

At Brand Kro, we understand that these are the tough times for your businesses and start-ups. But believe us this too shall pass.

New opportunities are knocking your door, all you need to do is, realize it.

Connect with Brand Kro now and make way for better business strategies, ideas, and above all innovative branding techniques with us.

We are waiting for your connection with the bundle-full enthusiasm and high spirits.

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